Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hives, Hives Go AWAY

My poor sweet Jaileigh has had hives on and off for years for unknown reasons. I haven't been able to figure out why over the course of years. I know that her emotional stress makes it worse, but I haven't found that one thing that she is allergic to. While we were in Pio Pico and they had the flu, we thought she was allergic to the Tamiflu because her hives were worse while she was on it. It turned out it was the Motrin I was giving her for her fever that was causing her hands and feet to swell and making her hives worse. I have taken her to her pediatrician several times looking for answers. He always wants me to get her allergy tested with a blood draw. I have never felt this was right so I haven't done it.  This last time he told me to go to an allergist. I called in to Michael and Anthony's allergy doctor, who normally has a 2-3 month wait, and I got in the next afternoon! The lady must have know I was so stressed and done! She told me she thought that they had just had a cancellation and they had! These are some of the pictures over the last few months.
They last for weeks! This last case was 22 days.
Dr. Horner was amazing. He said that hives (urticaria) are an autoimmune disorder and pretty much all you can do is control the symptoms. I knew this! In college I wrote a huge 20 page paper on hives because I used to get them! I couldn't believe that I had forgotten or thought that it didn't apply to Jaileigh. He wanted her to get some blood work done to rule out some other disorders and diseases. He also wanted them to check for the autoimmune globule that her blood would be carrying. Even though we didn't find a remedy or solution I still felt like I had an answer.
We went to Starbucks after for a chocolate cake pop and hot chocolate!
The next day we went in for blood work. She was so sad that I made her go but she was so good! She didn't even make a peep when they poked her. She has bad deep, rolling veins like I do so they had to poke around her arm. When it was over she told me it hurt but she was brave and didn't cry or say anything. We went for a little retail therapy after and she picked out a few different outfits. A girl after my own heart!

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