Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Welcome Toothless & Blueberry

On Tuesday's Mike has to go out on visits with the Elders Quorum. He took the girls this Tuesday and I got to take the boys with me to Lowes. We are still in the middle of our RV mess {renovation}. After the boys wanted to go to Petco. We went, looked, picked out a new Beta since ours has been gone for about 6months. The problem came when we had to vote on 1 fish. Anthony and Michael agreed on one but Jake really wanted his. Since majority won we left Jakes. He was so sad, he cried out that we left his pet and then didn't say another word!. When we got home he flopped face down on the floor and laid there. It was a little unusual for Jake. He is usually a flight of the moment, fleeting fancy kind of guy. For him to be so sad over his fish for so long was different. We called grandma to talk to her and she told him she would buy his fish and he had to name it Toothless. 
Instant happiness!
What a naughty boy!
The rest of the gang.
Annie and I went the next morning to get a fish bowl from Ross. She found some shoes she really, really wanted but we didn't get.
Then we went and picked up Toothless from Petco.
so now Blueberry has a friend to look at through his fish bowl.

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