Monday, January 19, 2015

Santa Rosa Plateau Hike

We have been doing some major reconstruction and renovation of our RV since our last RV trip. On our last trip I discovered that the windows had been leaking while it was in storage and we had some wood rot going on around the windows. For the last two weeks Mike and I have been trying to clean that out, repair it and then we decided we may as well renovate too. I wanted new flooring in the bathroom and a new toilet. Blah! Used toilets are so disgusting to me! We then decided to paint the walls and the cabinets. We may have bit off more than we thought, especially because we have to throw 5 kids into the mix.

My friend, Montse, asked if we wanted to go hiking on Martin Luther King Day. Yes! Yes! Yes! I needed a break and so did the kids. It was so nice to get out in the sunshine.  Most of the kids ran the whole 3 miles {Jake for sure}! I didn't get too many pictures but I got enough.

Jake climbing trees as usual.
Anthony and Annie
Our friend Jordan
The whole group
Adalia, Michael, Annie, Jordan, Jaileigh, Jakob, Anthony
Half way point which was also the turn around point.
Michael- LOVE it!
Here they come.

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