Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Year's Camping

For our last week of Christmas break I took the kids camping to our favorite spot, Pio Pico. We went on bike rides, walks, hikes, treasure hunts, swimming one day, a doctor visit, golfing and made all kinds of friends. It was a trip to remember!

Our first day the kids found these squashes. I think they are unripe spaghetti squash. They were in a field but the vines had died to the squashes were just sitting there.
Michael playing with Jakes new toy, a bike lock. Another awesome purchase, kept them busy for along time.
Sweet Jaileigh
Annie Bananie
Opening the squashes.
Jaileigh again.
Very creative kids. Set up bowling with the cones and the squashes.
Going on a bike ride. Poor Anthony was so sick but didn't say a word to me. I could tell he didn't feel well because he was lagging behind with me.
Jake LOVED the leaves. He got off his bike and ran through them, then he got on his bike and rode through them, over and over and over.
Driving the wagon.
Michael, Anthony, Jake, Jaileigh and Annie
Cheapest and best entertainment ever! The park was fixing the internet, the kids were captivated! Before the tractor came the kids were over there "helping" with their shovels. The guy with the orange safety vest and hard hat on was Annie's "friend". They chatted and talked and laughed. She drew him a picture and gave it to him before he left.
They lined their chairs up and watched.
Jake doesn't hold still so he was riding his bike while watching.
Anthony coloring.
Their other "friend" had a dog named Duncan. They loved Duncan!
The kids rotated being sick the whole trip. Anthony and Michael woke up on Tuesday with terrible coughs. I unhooked the RV and drove down to Chula Vista to the Urgent Care. Anthony tested positive for Influenza A. The doctor encouraged me to pay for all of us to be seen so that he could prescribe all of us Tamiflu. I paid for the kids and took my chances with me.  Jaileigh got sick Wednesday with a fever and terrible hives that Benadryl and Claritin didn't touch. She had hives all over.  Her hands and feet had them so bad they were swollen and she couldn't use them.  Her pediatrician figured out that she was allergic to the Tamiflu. We took her off of it and the hives cleared up. She is still fighting a fever. Her poor little body! Jake was the last to get sick. He had a fever once and now just has a cough around bedtime. He is pretty pasty looking but would never admit to being sick. I am praying I don't get it because I didn't get a flu shot. Argh!  

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