Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mother Son Super Hero Dance

Last year our school did a Hoe Down this year it was a super hero dance for the mother son dance. The boys were so excited to go.

They all wanted matching shirts and wore their capes from their friends super hero birthday party.
Snacks were yummy. It was all finger foods; chips, goldfish crackers, mini Oreos, gummies, . . . .
With their friend Hudson.
Anthony doing handstands

Michael trying to break dance.

My Superheros!
Super Anthony, Super Jakob, Super Michael
After the dance we went out to dinner. They were starving! We went to the Yellow Basket and I let them have "hot drink" {soda} which they NEVER get. I think they have had it 2 or 3 times plus the times Anthony thinks he's sneaky and tastes someone else's.  Michael chose to have a shake instead of hot drink. Anthony and Jake chose Sierra Mist and neither one liked it but they pretended they did. They didn't drink any of it but insisted on bringing it home to brag to the sisters about getting hot drink. Funny kids!
Super Jake
Super Anthony
Super Michael

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