Sunday, January 11, 2015

Last Soccer Game

The last soccer game of the season! Thank goodness! Jaileigh and Jakob were both sick, still recovering from our camping sicknesses. Jake chose to play but Jaileigh flat out refused. Smart girl! Because our team has 2 4-year olds (on a 6-8yr team) I usually sit on the bench with them.  The "boss lady" was there and wouldn't let me so Mike lost another 2 players because they wouldn't sit over with him, therefore they wouldn't play. The poor team didn't have any subs and had to play the whole time. I felt so bad for Jake because he was sick but he would never admit it. It turned out fine though. Everyone had a great time. Mom was the only one stressing but I survived.

Sorry for the poor quality pictures. I need to send my camera in to see what is going on with it but it costs so much!

Michael is the best goalie! He rarely lets a ball get by and he is so intense! He hates playing goalie.  He really likes to run and kick the ball. You can see how bummed he is because he has to play goalie. He is amazing though!
My little sick boy- Jake
Anthony has been begging to be goalie all season but he is terrible! He got to be goalie in the last quarter of the game. He was super duper excited! I wish I had a better picture so you could see how big his smile was.
Michael and Jakob
Sweet Caroline came down to see the kids last game. We love her so much! The kids were so happy she came.
I love Michael's little hand on Anthony's face. I can just hear him telling Anthony to look at the camera and smile.
Here's a better picture.

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