Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bye Bye Tooth, Hello Toothless #2

Everyday after school the kids play in front of the school with their friends.
Usually tag is played, the boys then end up wrestling and then mom gets tired of it and we leave. Today was no different play wise until Michael bit Jakob and his tooth fell out. hahahahahha. It was dangling but a thread. He was screaming at me to pull it out, there was blood all over and I couldn't do it.  I DON'T do teeth. That is my secret squeamish yucky nightmare. I told him to pull it and he eventually did. That when he realized there was blood all over and there was a hole in his mouth. Then he started hyperventilating. I rushed him in to the office, with 6 other kids following me, and rinsed it off in the bathroom. Somehow we made it home with the tooth and with Michael calmed down.
Bottom 2 teeth gone.
The tooth fairy was so tired that she left him 6 $1 bills. Random! He was super-duper excited though!

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