Saturday, November 22, 2014

Stitched and Glued

I am always on Jake's case about being careful. I always find myself saying things like, "you're going to break your arm again, do you want to get stitches, your going to crack your head open", or more often than not it's  "get down right now before you fall!" Well, lately it's been Mike and I that have needed the urgent care visits.  Mike cut his finger open right before Halloween and had to have it glued back together. It should have been stitched but he waited too long so the best they could do was glue it.  Then at one of the kids soccer games I cut my head open on the car door. I ran out to the car to get the kids water bottles and flung the door open right into my face. I didn't know it was bleeding until Mike looked at me funny and asked what had happened and told me I had blood running down my face. I asked the office for a butterfly and butterflied it together. After the game I went to the urgent care and they glued it back together. I guess I need to lay off of Jake now!

After the glue and steri-tape.
Sorry for all the nagging Jake!
My little goobers!
Anthony, Annie and Michael
Jaileigh joined us and Annie is mad.

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