Friday, November 14, 2014

Pio Pico For Veteran's Day

For Veteran's weekend the kids had Monday and Tuesday off. Sunday we had our Primary Program that I had to play the piano for. The kids and I left right after the program and headed to Pio Pico.  Mike had meetings he had to attend so he came to stay with us Monday night.

There was a hill across from where we were camping that the kids loved riding their bikes on. It doesn't look like it's big but it was pretty scary.  I rode down it once and it scared me a bit. 

Jaileigh and Michael
Michael and Anthony
The kids rode their bikes to the park a couple times each day and played.
Annie in her cheerleading skirt and brothers shoes.
Waiting for mom to catch up .
I am the champion! I don't think she ever rode down the hill. She was too scared.
Jake and Annie. The hardest part was getting their bikes up the hill.
This was the funniest thing ever.  Michael was trying to put both hands in the air.
I fell head over heels down the hill.
Jaileigh and I were laughing so hard that she fell off of her chair and landed on a water bottle, spraying herself with water. I can't believe that I snapped 3 pictures! He was ok. Thank goodness he had his helmet on!
See, he's fine!
Annie going down the hill.
By the end they were so tired that they were dragging their bikes up the hill.
Another funny story. As soon as the kids got lined up for this picture, Jake fell backwards into the ditch behind him. He tore holes in his shoes and got scratched up.  He was a trooper though, got back up and let me take these pictures.
I had to go up to ride Jaileigh's bike down. She was too afraid.

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