Saturday, November 15, 2014

More Camping

I thought the pool was too cold so I let the kids play in the hot tub. It wasn't hot, it was just warm. Jake thought the pool was better though. We had a hard time getting him out of the pool.
At the rec center I gave each of the kids $0.50 to spend on the little junk machines. Anthony got these gross teeth.
Jake got them too. 
Jaileigh loves to color!
Look at that crazy hair!
Funny Michael.
Showing off his muscles.
Annie playing air hockey
with Anthony.
A little game going on.
This was a fun little bowling game.
We played Twister.  It was so FUN!
More bike riding.
Anthony and Michael
Jake my little dare devil.  He disappeared one day and I couldn't find him anywhere.  I was starting to panic and the kids found him.  He was at the TOP of a huge pine tree.
Jaileigh- she is such a sweet girl at times.

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