Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mom's Birthday

Happy Birthday to me! What a fun day! The kids all picked out presents for me. They were so proud of themselves! My favorite present was Jake's. He drew me a picture and he gave me his cake pop that he had saved from the day before. I know how much he LOVES cake pops so this was such a sacrifice for him. It was the sweetest present!
I got home from the gym and Mike was busy baking a birthday cake from scratch! We had had visitors over the night before for dinner. He had bought me a birthday ice cream cake and we ended up having to serve it as dessert. He got up early and baked me a new cake!
Lighting the cake with a torch! Crazy man!
The kids helped decorate it.
It was a good cake, especially for his first one!
Poor Michael hurt his pinkie.
My friend Dede baked me a delicious Red Velvet Cake minus the Red. I am allergic to red food coloring so haven't eaten red velvet cake in years. She was so smart to just make it without the food coloring. It was amazing!
We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and it was fun as always. Somehow I escaped without any pictures!

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