Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! As with our family tradition, we cut our pumpkins on Halloween evening. I don't know why we wait to do it, I think I just forget.

Jake, Michael and Jaileigh
Cheesy Annie
Dressed up. I remembered to take a picture a block away from our house. Jake had already lost his wand and Anthony was tired of his beard.
Michael, Annie, Jakob, Anthony, Jaileigh
Harry Potter and Ron Weasley
Forgot the glasses.
My little Hagrid.
Trick or Treaters.
Ginny Weasley
Our friends came to trick or treat and ended up staying to play.
Anthony, Matthew (friend), Michael, Jakob, Annie, Katie (friend) and Jaileigh
Our friend, Kevin, took the following pictures. He is Scenes and Creations Photography. I love his photos and would highly recommend anyone to his company!

Group hug!
Everyone wants to hug Matthew
Annie and Matthew
Jaileigh and Matthew
Jakob and Matthew
The girls- Annie, Katie and Jaileigh
Jaileigh and Annie
We were camping for the Halloween week. We headed over after our friends left around 10:30! I don't think the kids have ever stayed up that late! By the time we got to the RV they fell on their beds and were asleep! It was a fun Halloween, the best yet!

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