Thursday, November 6, 2014

Happiest of Birthdays to you, Amber Jai!

Dear Amber Jai, 
There are so many things I want to say to you (not to mention, sorry that this post is so late) but I've compiled 37 reasons why I love you. I merely ran out of time at 37, it isn't significant in any possible way, people of the internet. I wish I lived close enough to you to give you a big hug and kiss for your birthday, but this digital love will have to do for now. Love you, Margaret (to quote mom). 
  1. Thank you for helping me grow up. 
  2. But thank you for still being absurdly immature with me when required. 
  3. You are the only person on Earth I would go to the gym at the unholy hour of 4:30 a.m. with.
  4. You're also the first one I call when confronted with an all-consuming super dramatic school, boy, or life problem. 
  5. I love that you'll help Mike and I replace the chocolate we stole from mom no matter the time of night. Your empathy towards those who are about to die as a result of theft is remarkable. 
  6. Thank you for letting me pluck your eyebrows... I swear one of these days my skills will improve.
  7. Thank you for sending me sunshine packages when I get the school blues.
  8. I love your freckles. They help to make my own more bearable. 
  9. I love your crazy creative skills. No one who has as many kids as you do should be capable of being as creative as you are. 
  10. Thank you for being a voice of reason for our family.

  1. Thank you for making me laugh so hard I cry.
  2. Thank you for taking my side. We'd make one heck of a team in the ghetto.
  3. Thanks for loving your kids so much.
  4. Thank you for being an example of service to everyone around you. I’ve never met someone with as much on their plate feed the missionaries, babysit other people’s kids, or deliver meals as much as you do.
  5. Thank you for taking pictures. Our family wouldn’t remember most of the last six years without your help.
  6. Thank you for being the cool sister everyone is jealous of
  7. I love that you still let me take clothes from your closet.
  8. I love that you still look like you’re in your 20’s (which you are, duh).
  9. I love that you are a science nerd. I don’t get it, but I love it.
  1. I love that we find the same things hysterical. Life would be so boring without someone to share the weirdness with.
  2. I love that you’re totally okay with me wearing the same outfit for four to five days straight. You just spray some febreeze on me occasionally and call it good.
  3. Thank you for supporting my Christmas tree up November first habit. Truly, I appreciate it.
  4. Thank you for coaching me on how to keep my fish alive. Kevin would be flushed to heaven if you hadn't.
  5. Thank you for being the crazy plant lady. I love it and am aspiring to be like you at many a poor plant’s expense.
  6. Thank you for letting me eat all of your goldfish and chocolate chips.
  7. Thank you for letting me do your little girls’ hair. Even turning a bit of a blind eye when I have to tie them up in order to do it.
  8. Thank you for teaching me the art of doing my hair. Trust me, I think society thanks you for this one. Otherwise my hair could be quite frightful.
  9. Thank you for supporting me in my weird education endeavors. It helps having someone to call, cry to and eat chocolate long distance with.
  10. Bless you for allowing your little sister to tag along on all your sweet adventures.

  1. Thank you for having the coolest family Halloween costumes of all time. I bragged nonstop about you guys. (sidenote: sweet haircut, Mike).
  2. Thank you for going bra shopping with me. It’s always a little traumatic, but we suffered together.
  3. I love that you love Audrey Hepburn as much as me.
  4. I love that you love your crazy chickens. Terrifying creatures.
  5. I love that you don’t swear. It’s fascinating that you don’t with as many broken digits, kids, and wild adventures that you have.
  6. Thank you for sending me cool recipes even though you know I don’t cook. One of these days I’ll put on my Amber apron and morph into a housemaking diva like you.
  7. Thank you for being the cool mom that helps out at school. No joke, the kids with the hot mom at school are always popular. I’m betting your kids will thank you later.
  8. Thank you for being you, sister! Smooch!
The Family

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Amber said...

You are the best sister ever, Rori! Thank you! Love you forever!