Wednesday, November 5, 2014

End Of The Zoo Passes

The kids zoo passes expired on Halloween so I got one last trip in. I never know if we will be able to renew them so I try to use them as much as possible. We went to the Safari Park because the traffic was terrible all the way to the zoo. Today just happened to be the first day of Red Ribbon Week so the kids and I were all in red. It was nice traveling as a pack!

The zoo worker was feeding the birds in the aviary.
A couple of the birds.  Hard to see but they were so beautiful.
Looking at the meerkats. They are usually napping when we go so it was nice to finally see them. I usually go in the morning but today we went after school. The zoo was empty! It was so nice.
In a nest.
They all wanted me to take pictures when they were in different spots.
The gorillas.
Anthony reading the map.
Playing in the park.
Everywhere you go they want to take your picture. This was before the lemur exhibit. You were supposed to be 5 to go in. We fudged and said they were all 5. Annie is at least 5 in mentality!
The lemurs were all napping.  It reminded me of my kids when they sleep, all on top of each other.
Washing their hands after the lemurs.
Jake always has to climb something!
Another picture.
We watched the cheetah run. It's always interesting.
The cheetah.
Cheetah running.
Deer running through the park.

The elephants that Michael HAD to see!
Checking the map out and discussing our next visits.

Petting the goats.
Playing in the cave.
Scaring each other.
Michael bonked his head.
The best day!
Annie, Jaileigh, Michael, Anthony and Jakob

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