Tuesday, November 4, 2014

1st Soccer Game

The kids first indoor soccer game was hilarious. I was really worried that they wouldn't know what to do but they figured it out pretty quickly.

I forgot to bring Michael's inhaler so I had Mike put him as goalie. He loved it and did a great job!
Break time- Annie & Jakob
This little girl was amazing! She followed the ball everywhere. She was right in the middle of every play. She is playing in the 6-7 year old division (some of the kids are even 8) and it doesn't even phase her. The referee loved her! He was really cute with her, he gave her high fives and told her how well she was playing over and over. He came and talked to us after and told us how impressed he was with her.
Anthony is way up there near the ball.
The ref picked Annie to throw it in all the time.
They lost 1-2 but they were so happy and excited to be able to play!

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