Thursday, September 4, 2014

Last Days In Vegas

The first thing I did once we arrived in Las Vegas was head to the grocery store. I try not to give my kids popsicles once I realized the sugar content of them and the craziness that ensues from that amount of sugar in their little bodies. Annie and Jake went shopping with me and talked me into getting Otter Pops for the pool.  They were so excited! They would swim, eat a popsicles, swim some more, eat a popsicle and were just happy as could be.

Kathy and Joe stopped by to visit once morning.  Joe was there everyday!
Grandpa and Grandma drove down from St. George to visit us too!
Joe with the kids.
Joe and Jaileigh
Annie collecting the torpedos.
Anthony with Lifeguard Peters "special" surfer goggles.
On Saturday we went to the Marriott and swam in their amazing pool! Thanks to Joe for getting us in!
Michael and Jakob
Playing under the waterfalls.
Anthony and Daddy/Jakob and Joe
Eating nachos and fries for lunch! Yummy!
Someone was so tired! He curled up in a little ball and fell asleep.
Feeding the koi popcorn or chips.

We had so much fun in Las Vegas. It was such a nice get away for all of us. I was able to relax and enjoy family without worrying about the everyday things we worry about, house, school, etc. It was so nice to be able to see our extended families too.

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