Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Las Vegas Here We Come

On Labor Day we headed to Las Vegas. Mike found a really good deal online for a week stay in Las Vegas so we took it.  We spent the entire vacation swimming and visiting with family. It was so much fun and so relaxing!

The kids spent the first couple of days making loom bracelets with Anthony's new loom kit.
Annie and Anthony
We played a lot of domino games!
Smile Michael!
Daddy was the master domino teacher and player.
Our favorite friendly lifeguard, Peter. He was the greatest! He entertained the kids the entire time we were there. He always had a pocket full of change and ran all kinds of water games for them. 
He lined them up standing backwards while he threw the money in the water.
Anthony decided to get a head start and jumped in the water early.
Ready GO!
He told them they would have to do push ups if they cheated like Anthony did.  Just to make sure they knew how to do them he had them practice a few.
Lining up and no cheaters this time.
Shallow end this time.
Annie preferred to play with mom or dad in the water.
Eating pizza from our favorite, Metro Pizza. Mike and I used to frequent it when we lived in Vegas.

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