Sunday, September 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom!

Growing up I knew that I had the meanest mom ever!

She made me call home to check in on a regular basis, she wouldn't let me go to new friends houses unless she knew the parents. When I got older I realized that she knew EVERYONE and she found out EVERYTHING before I even came home from whatever mischief I was in! She had so many tattle tale friends! She was even friends with the school and seminary secretaries, no ditching for me!  She made me eat healthy foods, no candy, whole wheat homemade bread, we never got to go out to eat because she made us healthy dinners every night. She made me take a sack lunch to school, we had to take our vitamins, when we were sick we had to go to the doctor and then she forced us to take our medicines.  In the winter I HAD to wear my jacket to school, I wasn't allowed to be cool and not wear one She probably tried to force me into wearing a scarf, hat and gloves too!  I wasn't allowed to run the streets, she made me read everyday and made me do my homework, I had to babysit my younger siblings, I had to help out around the house,  I had a curfew! I knew that she was the meanest mom ever! There was not a question in my mind. My mom forced me to be a honest, reliable, responsible, healthy person. For shame!

Now as I raise my own children I laugh as I find myself doing the same things my mom did. Mike will tease me every once in awhile I say I sound like my mom, but I have learned to be proud of that! If I turn out to be half the mom that my mom is than I will count myself lucky! 

Happy Birthday Mom! Thanks for being the amazing mother and example that you are. Thank you for being an even more amazing grandma to my kids. They love you more than ice cream and chocolate {and that is saying a lot!}

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