Saturday, April 26, 2014


Each year the Safari Park of San Diego Zoo has a Butterfly Garden. The last weekend of it I decided to take the kids. Instead of going to the Safari Park I went to the Zoo. We walked in and I realized I'd gone to the wrong park! The kids and I were so disappointed but we made a day of it anyway.

Tomi got to come with the Zoo with us.
Jake, Tomi and Anthony 
The weather was rainy and over cast. We rode the tour bus for the first time. We got lucky enough to have Chris Clobber as our bus driver, also known as the "Zoo Man".  Google him, he's pretty interesting.  He told us that he makes all of the animal sounds in all of the movies. He can make every animal sound of all the animals in the San Diego Zoo and proceeded to prove this to us throughout our tour. He is called the "Zoo Man" because he was raised in the zoo.  His (great)grandfather is the famous "Snake Man", Laurence M. Klauber (1883 in San Diego, California – 1968) who was an American herpetologist, and was considered to be the foremost authority on rattlesnakes. The snake house at the zoo is named after him. 
Anyway, he entertained my kids for 45 minutes! They loved him. He was hilarious and knew so many facts about the zoo. He said rainy days are his absolute favorites at the zoo because all the animals are out. He was right!
Two lions.
Cheetah (I think)
California Condor
Koala- Zoo Man told us that they sleep 23 hours a day so for us to see this one awake was really special.
2 bears way down there. Look how beautiful all the green is!
Group photo.
Jakob, Jaileigh, Anthony, Michael and Annie
Gharial has a smaller head and snout than alligators and crocodiles.
Tomi almost joined the Gharials for a swim/snack.
I brought the stroller to store all of our gear in but the kids always fight over sitting in it. They are too big now!
Another gharial.
Jake trying to jump in with the Galapagos Turtles.
Annie, Jaileigh, Anthony, Jake, Michael
The kids really, really wanted to wait in the panda bear line so we did.
This is a Red Panda!

Before we left they wanted to ride the bus again. This time we got the Singing Tour Guide. She was excellent as well.
Anthony and I on the bus.
After we got home we crashed! We were so tired!
My babies and I minus Anthony

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