Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sea World Visit

We were able to renew our Preschool Passes at Sea World this year because the kids still fit in the age requirement (3-5). Annie needed one this year. To prove age you have to bring a birth certificate. We realized that we never got one for Annie when she was first born. Mike had to drive all the way to San Berna-ghetto (bernadino) to pick one up for her. The drive was worth the free Sea World pass though! We, of course, waited until the LAST day to pick up our passes and it was packed! We weren't the only ones that procrastinated. One of the workers tipped me off that I could get in with out picking up my passes and pick them up later when the lines died down! Thank you!!!

We went with our camping neighbors.  Lourdes, Bradley and their 10 year old son, Austin. He was so cute with my kids.

Austin entertaining the kids.
Jaileigh, Austin, Annie, Anthony, Jakob, Michael
Because I had extra adults to help the quads were able to go down the Atlantis ride. I was so nervous letting them go!
They loved it and begged to go a 2nd time!
Annie was too short to go and wanted me to wait with her. We looked at the fish and I got her some cotton candy to help her feel better about being left.
Shamu show
Some little sharks that were in a petting pool.
After this we went to the Sesame Street Play area and things got a little scary! We lost Michael. We got off of a ride, we were walking in a group, the group stopped, Michael kept walking. . . .
After 15 minute heart stopping minutes he was found! Security let me know that someone had turned him in and he was in the lost and found at the front of Sea World. Very, very scary experience! The only time I ever lose my children is when I have extra help. It's so strange. I think with extra help everyone thinks that someone else is watching someone else but no one is watching someone and someone gets lost.  

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