Thursday, April 17, 2014

Our Friends

My kids think that everyone is their friend! Every where we go they make friends. While we were camping we met so many cute kids.  Each day my kids had to make their new friends pictures and then they would deliver. I found many pictures around the RV park that their new friends had misplaced. I had quite the time trying to hide them so my kids didn't have their feelings hurt.

Playing at the park. 
The girls.
At the TOP of the world! They were all a little afraid, they were so high!
Anthony, Jake, Michael
Anthony and Michael
My cute little biker gang.
Playing with one of their new friends.
Can you see the gopher? I was sitting on a bench watching the kids and he poled his head out of the hole. This was my new friend.
The kids went to bed exhausted each night. They ran and ran from sunrise to sunset. It was so much fun and so nice for me that they went to bed early! Mike had to work all week so I was there alone for the majority of the time. Thank goodness for our new friends too! It gave me a much needed break to have the kids entertained for a little bit.

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