Monday, April 21, 2014

Good Bye Pio Pico

We left Pio Pico on Saturday around 11:30. I did all of my laundry in the laundry rooms before we left. I LOVE laundry rooms! I got 3 loads done in 1.5 hours! AMAZING! I wish I had one near me. The kids got to ride their bikes around, play in the field, play on the play ground, play in the youth center and say good bye to all of their friends. It was quite the adventure!

Jaileigh again.
Mike left about 30 minutes before I did.  He drove home his car and was going to stop on the way to pick some things up for Easter. I made sure he had his phone and his wallet and sent him off. Little did I know, he had grabbed my back pack that had my phone and wallet in it. I was very nervous because I really didn't know how to get home. I always use the navigation app on my phone and don't ever pay attention plus I wasn't sure I had enough gas to make it home. I pulled over in Jamul and said a prayer that I would know what to do. I felt like I just needed to try to remember the correct freeways. I made it home! There isn't ANY gas left in the RV but it is home! As I was driving I counted the freeways I had to change on, there was the 94, 125, 8, 15, 215.  5 isn't too bad considering we live in California but still, I think I did a pretty darn good job!!
We were at Pio Pico April 11-19th.

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