Friday, April 11, 2014

Easter Celebration At School

Mrs. Sanchez did a day of Easter (or Spring Celebration for the kids who don't celebrate) on the last day of school before Spring Break. She had all kinds of Easter/Spring activities all day. They decorated eggs, made bunny helicopters, sang bunny and spring songs, and had a very full day!

The Egg Hunt- Each kid got 5 eggs with their names written on them. Mrs. Sanchez asked the parents for donation of eggs, and egg stuffers. I wrote the names on them and Mrs. Sanchez stuffed them.
Annie even got to participate.
Checking out their goods.
Their friend Adalia (Jake's girlfriend).
Annie and Adalia.
Adalia takes ballet with Jaileigh and Annie too.
Their other close friend, Michaela.
Jaileigh was being so silly.
They were singing a song and Jaileigh was doing all the actions.
Little Bunny Foo-Foo.
Singing songs.
They were so excited for spring break!
Jakob, Annie, Jaileigh, Michael and Anthony

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