Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Yearly Eye Doctor Visits

I can't believe that its been a year since our last visits to Dr. Dunbar. Time goes by so quickly now!

Michael getting checked for color blindness and depth perception.
They each got their eyes dilated and this time they were very vocal about not liking it. Michael was telling me he couldn't see and he didn't like it.
Jaileigh's turn.
Annie didn't get a turn.
Jake was quite the stink! I held him on my lap half the time because he was so crazy!
He's so excited.
Jaileigh and Michael have graduated from their prematurity eye follow ups! Both of them have finally developed 20/20 vision.  Jakob and Anthony are almost there, 20/25. She will see them one more time next year and then we shall be done! It was a bittersweet moment when she told me they had graduated! Dr. Dunbar has been so good to us.  One more step to leaving prematurity issues behind us! 
After Dr. Dunbar we met our friend Megha at the park.
The kids eyes were still dilated so they had to wear their glasses at the park.
Megha with the kids.
We went to Target to buy our copy of Frozen. HOORAY! It has been written on our calendar since January and we have been counting down!
We went to Megha's after that to wait for our other friend Karen to get out of school.
Michael wasn't feeling good.
The other kids played in the backyard with Karen.
Annie, Jaileigh, Anthony and Jakob
I love Anthony's smile!
Stinker Jake kept climbing the wall!
It was such a fun, exciting and busy day!

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