Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weather Science

For science on Friday we started a new weather unit. We talked a little bit about the different types of weather, what weather was, did a tornado visual, showed how clouds form, and then we did clouds experiments. The kids were paired up into 2's. I put water in a jar (about 2/3 full), added shaving cream on top, gave each group 4 different color water cups, and a dropper. I first did a large visual and showed the kids what would happen when they added "rain" to the top of the cloud. The "rain" (food coloring) would slowly make its way through the cloud and drip through into the water.

After I showed them, I let them experiment themselves.  They were so good to take turns with the dropper.  When their water was murky and cloudy I sprayed shaving cream on the paper that covered the tables and let them experiment with their colors. 

Anthony with his flavor of the week.
Annie with her partner.
Jaileigh with her "boyfriend".
Michael and his friend.
Jakob and his best buddy.
I was a little timid about adding the food coloring to the water for the students. I just kept picturing them spilling all over their clothes. If I were to do this again I would add more than 2-3 drops.  The 2-3 drops wasn't heavy enough and had a hard time making it through the "cloud" (shaving cream).

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