Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy ST. Patrick's Day!

Mike is 100% Italian and I am 100% melting pot/mutt and I don't think I have a drop of Irish blood. I have never been a big St. Patrick's celebrator. I usually had to write on my hand with green marker or pen for my green. This year Miss Susan gave me a tub of St Patrick's Day activities and decorations so we celebrated a little more than normal.

Thank goodness Jaileigh had Tiki or we would have forgotten to take a St. Patrick's Day picture!
Anthony, Jakob, Jaileigh/Tiki, Michael and Annie
I love how they are holding hands.
Jaileigh stayed home from school because she had a cough. She and Annie did all of the activities from Ms. Susan.
My little leprechauns.
I helped all of them make leprechaun hats and ties.

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