Saturday, January 25, 2014

Busy MLK Saturday

Saturday, January 18 was pretty busy. We had a Catholic baptism to attend in the late morning and then a birthday party in the early afternoon. I also had to take the kids shopping for presents in the morning because I didn't have gifts for the two parties. We were also in the middle of a camping trip because it was MLK weekend. Mike wasn't around for some reason so I was solo for the day. We managed to make it to each party and I survived the shopping trip as well. I sadly, didn't take pictures at the baptism. The kids had on their church clothes and looked so nice. The birthday party they look so bedraggled!

We had a fun and full day!

Jaileigh at the birthday party.
Annie and Sammy, the birthday boy, playing in the drinking fountain.
In line for the piñata.
Annie, Jaileigh, Anthony, Michael, Jakob
After Annie they put a blindfold on the kids.
Getting ready to go home.

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