Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Children's Museum

My sister-in-law, Tia, invited us to the Children's Museum on Thursday. It is a free museum run by the City of St. George and it is truly amazing! My kids had so much fun.

These boys ran off by themselves to play dress up.
Michael, Jake and Major
Jake carried this horse around for an hour!
Anthony watching Rori and Tia in the TV. They were virtually(?) playing soccer.
Annie, Jaileigh and Anthony
Anthony trying out the wheelchair.
Annie and Tia zooming around.
Jake playing with a pulley and lever system. It entertained him forever! He still had his horse at this point.
Princess Jaileigh in her castle tower.
King Anthony on his throne.
Princess Annie
"Oh, here is my crown!"
Michael working on something mechanical.
Bubbles- Jake set his horse down and a worker came, picked it up, and put it away.
You could see outside the building with this telescope.
Michael pulling the pretend fire bell.
Me, Andy, Rori
Anthony working on a car.
Jaileigh in the airplane.
Uncle Andy even climbed in the airplane.
Major and Jake milking the cow.
Aunty Tia driving the car with Annie.
Jaileigh collecting chicken eggs.
Anthony collecting all of the mail from the post office. He is such a collector and hoarder, this made his whole day!
Grocery shopping.
Jake being the cashier. Anthony must have been giving orders. He was probably trying to steal all the money. He loves money more than he loves mail.
Annie- "Come on! Who's next!?"
We had so much fun with our family! Thanks for inviting us Aunty Tia!

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