Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Doctor and Safari Park

Michael has had a hard time with his asthma lately so I made an appointment with his allergy and asthma doctor. He hasn't had problems for two years so I was pretty excited he had been doing so well. His doctor works for RADY Children's Hospital and has several offices around us.  The only office I could get into relatively quickly was in Encinitas, a good 40 minute drive in good traffic. I had to take the kids out of school to make the appointment. I wouldn't have been able to drop them off at school in time to get Michael to his appointment. Even if I would have been able to, I wouldn't have been able to pick them up after school.   We had another kindergarten ditch day. I didn't feel too badly because their teacher was out and there was a substitute.

The doctor had me to consistently give his corticosteroid meds twice a day and to check back in two months, and sent us on our way. By then it was lunch time so we ate a quick lunch at KFC. My kids love "chicken on the bone". We then headed to the Safari Park. It was so nice and empty.

Watching the zipline.
Anthony, Annie, Jakob, Jaieigh, Michael
We were just in time to watch the cheetah run. The San Diego Safari Park is the only place that it is legal to run a cheetah. I thought that was interesting.
The dog in this picture is the cheetah's friend.
This is the cheetah back in its' area.
Riding the tram.
There were some wild mule deer hanging out.
Michael and Anthony
The lion and lioness.
We were only there a couple of hours but it was just right. No one was crying about tired legs and feet. We did have a surprise when we got back to our car, my battery was dead. I have AAA but didn't want to wait the 45+ minutes so I asked Zoo Security if they would jump me.  They did in about 5 minutes and we were on our way.

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