Thursday, January 2, 2014

Baby Beach At Dana Point & Stitches

My family wanted to go to the beach while they were here in California. We took them to our favorite, family friendly beach, Baby Beach at Dana Point.

Grandma and Jaileigh
Aunty Tia with Cousin Maze.

Aunty Rori
Annie Banani
Sweet Michael
Uncle Andy

Grandpa Pops

Cousin Major
Aunty Tia playing with girls.

Some of the old folks.
Mike, Rori, Grandpa, Andy and Grandma
Burying Rori in the sand.
Grandpa and Mike/Daddy
The Sand Woman

Annie was one of the brave ones that actually swam.
Anthony swam too.
Michael and Annie digging the sand.
I was trying to pull the mussels off the rocks.
Jaileigh winding up to throw sand at Rori.
Yes, she threw it!
 Showing the kids the mussel.
Trying to get their own mussels.
Sooooooo, this kid spent the evening in the Dana Point Urgent Care. Somehow he cut his foot open and his leg. He doesn't know how he did either one, Grandma just noticed he was bleeding as we were packing up to leave. As I was carrying him to the care I noticed a man in scrubs, I asked him if he was a doctor or nurse. He responded that he was a physician. I asked him if he thought Jake needed stitches and he said yes. He and his wife directed me to the nearest and least busy E.R. I ended up going to the Urgent Care because our co-pays are lower.
They ended up gluing his cuts instead of stitching. I was glad at the time but come Tuesday all the glue had worn off and I was not happy. Our friend, an ER nurse, told us to buy some Nu-Skin and re-glue it ourselves.
When we got home he downed a rack of ribs.
A couple of cute Annie pictures.


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