Thursday, October 31, 2013

Crazy Hat Day

For Red Ribbon Week today was crazy hat day. Anthony got Tiki today. Yippee! We had ballet for Jaileigh so took Tiki with us. When we got home we made home made pizza and bread for dinner, played card games and went to bed!

Anthony sharing his pizza with Tiki.

Tiki wearing his hat from crazy hat day.
Anthony and Tiki
My beautiful brown eyed girls.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Chilly Days

It has been pretty chilly here in the day about 60 degrees. We had to break out the pants and long sleeved shirts and the . . . . . . Hot CHOCOLATE! Seriously, we had two days in the 60s and then {BAM} back in the 90s again! This week is Red Ribbon Week at school so today was pajama day.

Michael's turn with Tiki again! He had to have a cup for Tiki too.
(Jake was still napping so didn't get a hot chocolate picture.)
Daddy playing War with the kids and Tiki.
Michael with his cards.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trunk Or Treat

The primary was in charge of Trunk or Treat this year, so that meant ME! My two counselors weren't able to come so I was solo. I was really nervous about the whole thing but it went off splendidly! It was our biggest turn out for a ward activity! It was amazing how many people came. We served chili and cornbread and water. Their was a chili competition that the sister missionaries were judges for. The young women and men were in charge of the games and did a great job!  Anthony was so funny with the games. He found the fishing game and just kept going through the line over and over again. He had double the candy everyone else did because he just stayed in that line. After the dinner, competition and games, we trunk or treated in the parking lot.

Jake loved the chili. I didn't think my kids would eat it so I've never made it. I think Mike ate at least two bowls of my chili, Jake ate 2, Anthony and Jaileigh ate 1. I fed them dinner before we came too!

Annie wanted her hair french braided like mine. I was a cowgirl so braided my hair. I didn't think her hair was long enough but it was.
This family was so cute!
Our friends the Worth's
Checking out their treats from the trunk or treating.
Michael (refused to wear superman), Jake, Annie, Anthony and Jaileigh 

 One of the many costumes Michael tried on before deciding on the cowboy one again.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Harvest Festival

The last day of Harvest week was Friday. On Friday they could dress as someone of character for school. They could wear a superhero because they are good citizens, etc.  The boys dressed as superheros and the girls dressed as princesses. I volunteer on Wednesdays and teach science on Fridays in the kids kindergarten class so Annie has to come with me. She loves it! She is friends with everyone in kindergarten. The teacher always lets her participate in everything too. Anyway, I got to be there on Friday when they all dressed up. There were two non-participants but everyone else dressed up. Michael was out of his costume within 5 minutes of being there. He was done and didn't care. It was so Michael to be like that; too much work to be dressed up.

Jake was in rare humor, he kept teasing one of the other kids. He gets this twinkle in his eye and this silly look on his face and there is no stopping him. He does it to his dad all the time! The kid is kind of spoiled anyway and Jake was just pushing his buttons. The kid actually threw something across the room because Jake said something or stuck his tongue out. I ended up taking Jake home with me because I couldn't see it getting any better when I left. I told the teacher he had a cough so I was going to take him, she was so relieved! He, Annie and I went on a date to the store to get popsicles.

There was a Harvest Festival that evening. Mike and I took the kids. I was very unsure of going but the kids had so much fun! It went from 6-8. We got there about 6:30 and it was so crowded. By 7 everyone was gone and the kids had it to themselves, no lines, tons of candy and attention. The booths were dumping the rest of their candy into the kids bags.

Riding the train ride.
On the train. Michael did not want to be superman again so he is a cowboy and same with Jake.
Anthony and daddy checking out the policecar.
In the jail.
Waiting in line for facepainting.
Anthony sat in the driver seat of the police car. It was so cool!
Jaileigh in jail.
Jake was evading the camera.
Michael was so cute.

My boys with their faces painted- Anthony, Jake and Michael
I fed them dinner before we came but they were still "starving". I bought 9 street tacos that were inhaled within minutes.

Michael didn't want any.

Monkey faces.
Annie and Anthony
Jake and Anthony
The many monkey faces of Michael.

End of the night picture- Happy campers.
Jaileigh, Michael, Annie, Jake and Anthony

My phone picture.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pumpkin Carving Time

After school on Thursday the kids finished carving their pumpkins from their Harvest Party at school.

Daddy helping.
Jaileigh was looking for princess tracing patterns.
Annie was carving one too.
He was so excited.
Jaileigh was having a hard time finding a princess one.
Jake was pretty excited about his.
Annie's was a hello kitty.
Michael's pumpkin smile was a bat.
One last smile for you.