Thursday, January 31, 2013

You've Got Mail!

Grandma sent Jakob a get well package. He was so excited because it had his name on it! We went to the zoo today and he brought all of his goodies in his lunch box and packed it all over the zoo!


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Crazy Head Jakob!

This crazy kid got stuck under my bed!
He climbed under from behind the headboard and then couldn't get out the sides because of the side rails and his head was too big. Our bed is way too heavy to lift or move so I had to help him scoot back toward the headboard. He couldn't stand himself up because of his broken arm so we had to do some maneuvering to get him out. I can't believe the trouble he gets into even with a broken arm. Earlier today he went into the toy room and dumped and emptied every single thing he could. He climbed on something and dumped everything on the closet shelves, EVERYTHING! I couldn't believe it. We had quite the time cleaning up together.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

We visited the San Diego Zoo Safari Park yesterday, formally known as the Wild Animal Park.  My pass expires on the 31st of January and now we have to buy the kids passes. I had a few free passes so I used those and the 6 of us got in for $15. Way cool!

This was, by far, the funnest time we have had at the zoo. The kids had a blast. We discovered so many new things. I don't know if there were new attractions or if we just took the time to notice everything. The kids were so interested in everything.

The Lorikeet. My kids with a random kid in the middle.
"Mom, I need your glasses because the sun is shining right in my eyes!"
Michael, Jaileigh, Jakob, Anthony, Annie
Riding on the Rhino!
Annie, Jake and Jaileigh
Annie on the carousel.
Michael wanted the black panther and another kid stole it from him so he screamed for over half the ride. Poor Michael!
These two were socializing about their cool rides.
Looking at the huge moniter (lizard).
Tina the hedge hog.

At the Petting Kraal, petting and brushing the goats.
Annie and Jaileigh

Anthony, Annie and Jaileigh

Jake and Anthony climbing the bat. Jake still climbs despite his broken arm but he has a hard time getting down.
A little bit of fear in Jake's face when he realizes he is stuck.
There is a big marble ball that rolls in water. I specifically told Anthony NOT to get wet because I did not have dry clothes for him to wear. He stuck his head in the water and made sure he didn't get his clothes wet. I was so mad that I made him sit in time out in the choo choo. Then I realized how smart he was being. We had a little chat about being good the rest of the day and then I let him play.
There was a play village for kids to play in. It was themed around an African village.
Anthony playing the drum.
Jake's drum was bigger than he was. He was standing on a step to even reach this high.
Taking a potty and lunch break.
 Back to the village to play. If you turned this wheel, water came out of a faucet.
Annie watching the water shower out.

A view of the water wheel and the faucet. This was a great village for a geography or history lesson.
Michael building a hut with little logs.
Jaileigh and Annie helping.
Jailegih in front of their hut.
Annie laying in the canoe.

Anthony standing on the canoe pretending to be a pirate.
Jake was being a stinker and wouldn't sit or stand for a group picture.

The best group picture I could get.
Watching the baby elephants.
Digging for bones and then they changed their minds and said treasure. The guy that you can see in the upper part of the photo has triplet grandkids. He was amazed at my quads plus one.
My kids and I both liked this statue.
Jake and Jaileigh carried their maps around the whole day. They really figured out how to read it. It helps that there were a lot of pictures on it. They told me where they wanted to go next and planned out each move. It was really cute.
Discussing if they should visit the lynx or the lions first.
This bridge was really neat. When you jumped on it, it moved up and down. The kids really liked it.

Still jumping.
In the foxes den.

I wanted to get another group picture and, of course, Jake was being a stinker again. He wanted out.