Thursday, July 25, 2013

Great Grandma Shirley

Grandma Shirley is my grandma. We walked down to her house after we ate pizza and ice cream. Grandma Mitzi was there! She had traveled up to stay with us and we met her at Grandma Shirley's.

Grandma Shirley put lotion on the 3 kids that stayed in the house.
Anthony and Jaileigh listening to the Grandma's talk.
First the girls got lotion.
Then Anthony did.
This is what happened after we left Grandma's. . . .

The girls fell to pieces. This is what happens when my kids don't nap, crazy screaming babies!!!! The Stokes kids HAVE to nap. I'm scared for kindergarten when their nap schedule will be messed up.
After we got the kids to be EARLY we watched Pitch Perfect and Rori styled my hair.  


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