Monday, July 22, 2013

Bonfire, Hot Dogs and Hiking

Hiking to trial lake was quite fun. The kids loved being on the mountain. When we got to the lake we started a fire, roasted hot dogs, hiked around, waded in the lake, and came back down.

I love this picture with Michael in the back running to catch up.
All of them wanted to be with Aunt Julie.
Aunt Nancy and Aunt Rori helping the kids.
Gathering firewood for the fire.
Jaileigh, Anthony, Jakob
Following Aunt Julie like little ducklings.

Wading in the freezing water.
Rori found her a baby she wants to steal, little Bandit. He is a miniature Australian Shepherd with two blue eyes.


Cute Jaileigh-bug
Anthony, Annie, Jake, Michael
Throwing rocks in the water.
Annie running to Julie.
Jake wasn't a fan of the cold water so he played on the bank and threw rocks from there.
My cousin Thomas. He is a twin.
My little mountain sheep thought they could climb like the big kids. They probably could but I didn't really want them to.
Michael, Anthony, Jake, Jaileigh and Annie

Anthony and Annie

Julie and Rori keeping watch over the fire.
Anthony playing in the fire.
Jake trying to move a dead tree.
Anthony in the fire again. He found a package of egg beaters and somehow opened it. The smell of rotten cooked eggs was enough to send us on our way down the mountain.
Michael helping Jake with the tree.
My baby girl.
Jaileigh and Aunt Rori.

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