Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Last Of The Pool

The last pool pictures. . . .

Not so happy Annie
Two of my brown eyes.
(These pictures were taken the day after Jaileigh knocked her teeth back so I only have her teeth pictures that I already posted.)

Bad comes in threes. . . Our RV broke, my car needed a lot of work done on it, and our pool decided to collapse. I hope that is it! I have been pretty worried about our chickens in this heat but so far no losses. They haven't been laying eggs, it's just way too hot! Just don't die on me!

The pool collapsed while we were camping. Mike was home. He said he came out to check on the chickens one morning and the pool was drained. It still has a about 18 inches of water in it but it's pretty sad looking. The kids still have been playing in it everyday. We took it down on Saturday though. We had a big 4th of July celebration party at our house and needed to get it out of the way. Today the kids played in the bath tub instead.

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