Monday, July 1, 2013

Last Night And Morning Of Camping

Daddy came back Friday night and stayed with us. Friday night we golfed a little, swam a little, packed up a little and went to bed super tired. Saturday we may have golfed a little more, played at the park, turned in our golf clubs and took off.

Michael and his Mickey hat.
Jaker-oni my little pepperoni!

Annie giving loves to Michael.
Annie and her daddy.
On the way home Saturday the R.V. broke down. I was driving. Mike went ahead of me so he could stop at the store for groceries. We had friends coming over for dinner that evening. We think that it threw a rod in the motor. I called AAA and Mike went home to get the suburban. We loaded the kids in the car and I took them home while he waited for the tow truck. Sadly, we can't afford to fix it. I've been so sad about losing the RV. We have made so many memories with it. When I was trapped in the house when they were little, it was an answer to my prayers. We were able to get out and about on our own. Without it I would have gone crazy. I remember heading down to San Diego on the weekends just to get away from the prison walls of my house. I am praying for a miracle and that we will know what to do. Our kids will always remember the fun family times we have together and this is one way that we were able to all get out together without costing a fortune. I have hope that a miracle will happen!

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