Sunday, July 7, 2013

Josh Groban Independence Day Concert

At the end of April Mike found out that Josh Groban was coming for the 4th of July to play with the Philharmonic Orchestra at the Hollywood Bowl. We decided to take the kids and invited family and friends to come too. Rori and our friends, Dede and TJ ended up coming with us.

Rori flew in Tuesday morning (7/2). The concert was July 3rd so we got to play two days before the concert. The kids had so much fun and I had so much fun hanging out with my sister. Mike and I even got to go on a date, something we haven't done since his work Christmas party in December. We went to the grocery store and Lowe's, whoo hoooo! You may laugh but it was really fun for us to actually get out alone without kids.

Wednesday we left at 3:00 to try to beat traffic but got stuck in it anyway. At the Hollywood Bowl we picnicked before going in.

Having a picnic.. . .


Jaileigh and Rori (everytime I took a picture of these two Jaileigh closed her eyes)
Annie- Hubert's Lemonade was handing out free lemonade. The girl asked if she could get a picture of all the kids holding up their lemonade.
The kids didn't like the lemonade. It was too sour.

See, eyes closed again.

Anthony and Annie playing on the pole.
A little before 7:00 we braved the lines and security to enter the bowl.
Cheese! (Jake)
The Hollywood Bowl is nestled in the hills of Hollywood. It was beautiful but so dry.
 Our view.
I brought a lot of snacks for the kids. I was pretty worried about how they would do during the concert. The kids are music lovers and love musicals so I thought they would do all right. While I was sitting there I was thinking that I have never taken them to a movie but I decided to take them to a concert. Too funny! They were so good and they loved the music.
Annie eating her snacks.


Mike with his Diet Coke and his phone- happy as can be.
Annie clapping.
Dede and Jaileigh

They loved the music.
Daddy and Michael
Part of the group.
The stage.

Me and my Jakey
There was a lady in the stands that handed out little trinkets to everyone in her section. The kids were so excited.

My sister and I
Michael with his light up ring.
The flash was hurting her eyes.

The fireworks were beautiful.

Annie could barely keep her eyes open. She was so tired. This was the latest my kids had ever stayed awake.

The kids said the funniest things.
Jaileigh- There is Josh! Mom, he has a BEAUTIFUL voice!
Michael- mom, he is yelling! We shouldn't yell, it's not good for your voice.
Jaileigh really wanted to go down to the stage to sing. She kept asking if she could go down.
Jaileigh- Mom, when can I go down there?
Me- down where? Down there on the stage to sing?
Jaileigh- yes, I want to sing.
Me- I don't think you can do that today, maybe another day.
Anthony- Jaileigh, I will go down with you. Come on let's go, We can go together.
Jaileigh- ok!

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