Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ward Picnic and Games

Our ward (church group) had a picnic on June 8. I dressed the kids all in yellow in support of our friends little boy, Zachary Gordon. The majority of the people at the picnic were in yellow. It was really neat to see all the support for his family.

Anthony- the white stuff on his left eye is sunscreen. It is where is scar is from his surgery.
Annie- she looks so old to me in this photo.
Jaileigh and Anthony
Michael has a girlfriend that he follows around like a lovesick puppy. She is 12 so she was helping with the face painting. He was not happy, he wanted her all to himself.  He sat on this bench and watched her for the longest time. I kept asking if he wanted his face painted but he didn't.
My camera battery died and I missed all of the water games. They had a balloon toss, sponge throw, and a huge water fight at the end. I brought the kids bikes so they were able to ride them around. Everyone was amazed at little Jake and how he kept up with the 10-11 year old boys. He is such a dare devil. Jaileigh fell in the yucky swamp mud and got her shoes dirty, Anthony fell in and ruined his shirt. Way too much fun!

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