Sunday, June 16, 2013

Visiting The Dunkley's

Right before I had Annie our friends, the Dunkley's, let us borrow their crib. We took the crib down a little over a year and a half ago and I just barely got around to taking it back. It's almost been a year since we saw our dear friends. I can't believe how time flies! In that time, Blair moved to Utah, Parker got married, and Madison is leaving for school in Idaho.

The kids swam in their pool. This was the first pool they ever swam in and this is where we had their 2nd birthday party.

I have a picture just like this but they were being held and no jumping took place. They were probably only a year old. If I find the picture I will stick it in here.

Riley, Anthony,. Michael., Jake, Madison, Jaileigh and Luke

MICHAEL diving off the diving board. He has come a long way from not wanting his face wet to being the first to dive!
Annie was pretty timid. She was pretty small when we played with the Dunkley's so much. It took her awhile to warm up.
She preferred to sit on her chair and observe.
Michael again. By the end all of them were diving and flipping of the diving board. They were so amazing to watch.
Annie loved this car boat. She monopolized it the whole time.
Yep, it's Michael again.
Jaileigh with Madison
Anthony, Jaileigh and Madison
Michael and Kari (his girlfriend)

Kari and Michael
Blair bear
Anthony was paddling around in the little pool.

Jaileigh found a water gun.
Madison and Blair sandwich.
One last group photo- Jaileigh, Annie, Madison, Michael, Riley, Anthony and Jake

They had so much fun!
 My navigator said the drive home was going to be 2.5 hours (it only took us an hour) so we stopped and ate before heading home. We ate at the local pizza place. They had arcades that the kids pretended to play, ok pizza, and yummy cheese bread. It only took us an hour and a half to get home after that.

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