Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Camping Has Started

I am so excited that it is summer and school is out! I feel like I was in school. I love it! We are free from responsibilities for 2.5 months! To start our summer off I took the kids camping in Jamul, CA. I drove the kids down Tuesday morning and we came home Saturday morning (June18-22). Mike was able to come Tuesday night and Friday night.

Michael, Anthony, Jakob, Jaileigh and Annie
I only brought one helmet and they are very strict with the helmet law so the other kids couldn't ride their bikes until daddy brought them.

I am so in trouble with this kid. He disappeared and I was yelling for him. He came running back with a bunch of flowers and said, "I was picking these for you mom!"
Then Jaileigh had to get some.
and Anthony,
and Michael.
Then they insisted I put them in water. They sat on our picnic table the whole time we were camping.

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