Monday, June 10, 2013

Preschool Graduation

Ms Leah did a regular preschool day and then after we had lunch together, did a little graduation and then let the kids swim in her beautiful pool. It was such a fun day.

When I first got there she let the kids play with her puppies. My kids were in puppy heaven. You can tell from how they were holding them that they haven't been around puppies before.






Part of the preschool group.
Anthony, Jake, Teagan, Annie, Jailegh, Beau, Michael
Rosemary and Olivia with Gavin betweent them.

Michael got the "most likely to make money" award.
Anthony got the Mr Friendly award.

Jake got the "Mr Out Of This World" award.
Jaileigh got the best laugh award.
Then we went swimming.
Michael jumped off the rock waterfall and over the tube.
Jaileigh is like her mom, we don't like cold water.
Neither does Annie.
Michael again.

A great ending to a great school year.

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