Thursday, July 4, 2013

Jaileigh's Teeth and Crazy Hair

Jaileigh knocked her front teeth back on Wednesday (6/26) night with a horseshoe. We originally thought Anthony threw the horseshoe but it came out that Jaileigh actually threw her horseshoe up in the air and then it came back down and hit her in the mouth. She requested her daddy give her a blessing and then she went to bed. I wasn't too concerned because we have already experienced the tooth thing with Annie and Michael.

The next morning when she woke up her mouth was really swollen. I looked in her mouth and noticed she had a really bad bruise on her lip and upper gums. It was so bad I started panicking and was going to take her to the pediatrician. After I calmed myself down, I gave her some ibuprofen to help with the swelling. She said it didn't hurt and she was being so sweet that I believed her.

I fed her soft foods all day and that evening she wanted steak for dinner! Silly thing. At bedtime she and Annie decided they were starving. I asked Mike if he would take them downstairs and make them something to eat while I put the boys to bed. It was 10:00 before I got back downstairs and the girls were still eating. I sat at the table with them and started feeding them to hurry the process.

Jaileigh said, "Mom you look really tired." I told her I was really tired.

She said, "You didn't even comb you hair today."

I said, "Nope and I don't think I brushed my teeth either."
Jaileigh, "MOM!"

Annie decided to add her two cents and said, "Mom your hair is crazy like mine!"

I thought she said your hair isn't pretty. "My hair isn't pretty?"

Annie, "It is very pretty, it is just crazy like mine. It's not as crazy as mine, mine is the craziest."

Hahahahahah, thanks Annie!

Anyway, Jaileigh's lip is still a little swollen, her tooth that was knocked back seems to be moving back into place again and no signs of discoloration. She was so sweet all day, I couldn't believe it.

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