Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ward BBQ Party

Our ward party was at a ward members house. They have 3 acres of land that my kids would love to live on. They had so much fun exploring. They had dogs, chickens, boats, a trampoline, a park, swings, grass, dirt, volleyball, rocks, sticks, etc. . . It was a child's paradise.

Michael in one of the boats.
My kids watching the races.

My littles did the water balloon toss. They have been playing baseball with dad too much because they have perfected their throws.
The men put on a no holds ultimate pinewood derby. It was a little scary. Lots of fire and airborne racing cars flying through the air.
The kids lined up to watch the derby with their favorite buddies.
Kyle, Jakob, Hayden, Annie, Savannah (Michael's girlfriend), Jaileigh, Anthony and Michael

The pinewood derby ramp and the men all lined up waiting for their cars to race.
Cassidy and Anfomy (what she calls him). They were buddies. They would walk around holding hands and she kept putting her arm around him. I asked him later if he had a girlfriend and he said NO! I asked if he had a new friend and he said no. I wonder if he just thinks you hold hands with friends because he does with his siblings.
Savannah, Hayden, Kyle and Cassidy are all siblings and have been so cute to all of my babies. My kids keep telling me that they are going on their missions with their friends. Michael and Jaileigh are fighting over Savannah and Jake and Annie are fighting over Hayden and Anthony has claims on Cassidy.
The girls.
There was a juniper tree with baby woodpeckers hiding in it. There are 3 of them. One has its mouth open and the other 2 closed their mouths when my flash flashed them.

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