Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Last Thursday Mike took a day off of work and we went to Lake Arrowhead to Pinnacles OHV and played around. We had never been up there before and it was pretty fun. I only took pictures at the very end so I missed out on some really cute things. We took the Ranger for a little drive and found a stream with a little pond. We could hear a waterfall a little ways off but didn't explore. I let the kids play in the water. They took off their pants and their shoes and splashed around. While we were playing a jeep cherokee drove through the little pond and really excited the kids. They thought that was so funny.

We were able to see the area that was burned when Mike and I used to live up there. It was kind of neat. The kids really liked looking at the burned trees. After our ride we went back to the staging area and had snack time in the trailer and the kids rode around on their bikes and 4-wheelers.

Annie eating a pretzel.

Anthony found a marker in the Ranger and decided to eat it.
Jake- I just notice he doesn't have his helmet on. Little stinker!
Annie the crazy woman!
He figured out how to blow up a balloon.
Annie and Jaileigh


Daddy with two of his boys.
Michael was just asking for stitches in his chin.
Jake riding in the sand. I brought their pedal bikes but it was too hard to ride in so they rode the balance bike.
Filling the water bottles with sand, which they brought home and dumped on the sidewalk.
Anthony and Jaileigh


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