Monday, April 15, 2013

Hats At Sea World

I took the kids to Sea World last week. Preschool was cancelled on Monday so we headed down. The kids found all of Mike's hats and insisted that we all wear them. They were so cute walking around with their big hats on.

Anthony getting ready to go.
Watching the whales.
Jaileigh trying out the boat.
The Polar Bear
The ice wall.

Jaileigh really liked it.
Michael watched this walrus for about 10 minutes. He was so fascinated by it.
The walrus had about 10 fish that he would suck in his mouth and then spit back out. He did this over and over again for the whole 10 minutes. I think he was entertaining Michael.
Michael's face is so cute here.

The ice caves.


The kids always fight over a spot in the stroller. This time I brought the double stroller thinking there would be less fighting. There wasn't! It was nice to have the storage space for water and their jackets but not worth the fighting headache.
Jaileigh ate lunch in the stroller so she wouldn't lose her spot.

Looking at the nemo fish and the turtles.
Anthony and Michael


There was a turtle video game that the kids tried to play. We aren't gamers at our house so the kids really didn't get how to play even though it was on a child's level. They were pretty funny.
Jaileigh, Jake and Michael
The whole gang.
Jaileigh witht the turtle.
Sweet girl at the dolphin show.
Annie and Anthony

The whole day Michael asked when it was going to be time for the dolphin show. Every 5 minutes he was bugging me. We sat down about 10 minutes before the show and he whined the whole wait. After watching it for 5 minutes he started bugging about when it was going to be over.
Naptime. . . .


That's a pilot whale (I think) on the stage.

After the show we got cotton candy and then headed home.

The kids had a busy day! After sea world we had a ward (church) FHE (family home evening)- dinner in the park. They played with their friends way past bedtime. Tuesday was a cranky day for everyone!

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