Monday, April 22, 2013

Good Bye Desert!

Last morning in the desert. The kids took full advantage while Mike and I packed up. We were worried about traveling too late in the day when it was hot and we had to be home for our ward (church) party that Mike volunteered to cook for (can you sense my enthusiasm?).

Michael and Jake
Michael is brave now. He forgot he was scared and started riding again Friday night. I was feeding the kids and I couldn't find Michael. I thought that he had snuck in the RV but then I heard the 4-wheeler running. He had snuck off in the dark and was riding around. Good kid at least had his helmet on.
Doing tricks. . .Jake kneeling on his seat.
Jake climbed this tree all by himself.
Proud of himself.
Everyone got together for one more ride Saturday morning. We left so we missed out on the ride.

Anthony brought this stick home on the trailer. We now have it in the backyard, a lovely souvenir.
The kids love Josh. They follow him around everywhere too.

Jake sat here and watched Josh until he drove off into the hills. Then he tried to follow him. Silly kid!

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