Friday, April 26, 2013

A Beautiful Friday

On Friday I took the kids to the RV park that is close to our house to ride their bikes and to swim. While we were there we checked on the tadpoles that were there a couple of weeks ago in this post.
The water in the canal was mostly dried up, there was one little mud puddle left and it was covered with tadpoles. The canal was filled with little tiny frogs. It was nerve wracking for me to walk in it, I was trying to dodge stepping on the little buggers. My kids went to town catching them. Good thing I didn't have a bucket or we would have had to bring some home.


Anthony had a handful of frogs. I bet he had 6-7 in his little hand.
Jakob and Michael
Jaileigh and Anthony
I circled the frogs masses in this picture.
Michael had a hard time catching them, he was a little squeamish.
I finally put one in his hand.
The frogs
The puddle.
There were a few tadpoles that were in the outside of the water puddle. The water had slowly been drying up and they got stuck in the mud.  Jake was very concerned that they were going to die so I had to scoop all of them up and put them in the water. Yuck!
Anthony trying to show me his fist full of frogs.

Anthony was handing Jaileigh a frog and Jake was handing one to Annie.

Jaileigh then took the frog and gave it to Michael who was still trying to catch one.

Annie didn't want the frog to pee on her and she didn't want to hold a dirty frog. She wanted a clean one. hahahaha!
Jake checking out the dead fish. All of my kids tried to touch the fish. So gross!
And they are off!

They call their bikes "motorcycles" and they even start them up. 
Annie and Michael are the only ones not on pedal bikes. Michael is ready I just need to take the time to make the switch with him. Once that happens we will be short a bike again.
Anthony, Annie, Jaileigh, Jake and Michael.

Both Annie and Jaileigh crashed their motorcycles. No injuries but their shoes had sand in them which made for unhappy girls!
The boys kept telling Jaileigh she was losing so she was sad. I told her she was the winner, winner, chicken dinner.
Annie- I had to raise her seat. She looked so funny with her short seat.

This little monkey did the monkey bars all by himself. I couldn't believe it!
There were only 4 swings so they had to take turns.
Anthony, Jaileigh, Michael and Annie
After their bike ride we went swimming. When we got back to the car Jaileigh said, "That was the longest bike ride EVER! I am never doing one that long again. My legs won't even work right!" Then I took them swimming and they missed their nap. They were in bed at 7:00 and asleep by 7:10!

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