Thursday, November 29, 2012

Decking The Tree

I put our fake tree upstairs this year and let the kids decorate it. On groupon I purchased a killer deal for a real tree and that tree is downstairs, decorated by the adults.

Anthony, Annie, Jaileigh and Michael
Anthony and Annie
Jaileigh was the last one decorating. She stayed until she ran out of hooks. Then she still wanted to put more on. She wanted me to go buy more.

Annie And The Tree

Annie and our tree.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ride With Megha And Karen

When Megha and Karen came over for my birthday the kids wanted to take them for a tractor ride up the big mountain. They were good sports and went along for the ride. Here are a few pictures, thanks to Megha!

Karen riding in the back with Michael and Anthony.
Mamma and three of her little bugs.
Annie, Jaileigh and Jake
Jaileigh said "Mom I look like a cheetah"because of her glasses but I thought she said she looked like a diva. I laughed and laughed! She is such a diva!
My little one that is NOT a diva!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

No Naps!

This is what happens when we don't nap at our house.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Our Thanksgiving Holiday

Grandma Mitzi, Grandpa Pops and Aunty Rori stayed with us over the Thanksgiving holiday. The kids had so much fun with our visitors. I was a slacker picture taker so didn't get too many pictures but I do have a few cute ones.

Anthony doing his Thanksgiving craft, making turkeys with feathers and hand cutouts. {Left overs from Bill and Gina last year. Thank you!}
Grandpa drawing all kinds of pictures for the kids.
Annie reading some of the books from Megha and her mom. They filled a paper box with books and gave them to us. My kids are in book heaven!
Jake and his Grandpa. They are best buddies! Jake just adores Grandpa Pops.
Grandma Mitzi made Mike and I a birthday cake. YUM. Chocolate rum cake with cherry filling and burnt butter rum icing!

Annie eating her ice cream.
Grandma giving loves to her grandbaby Jake.
Jaileigh eating her ice cream.
She loves ice cream!
Reading more stories.

My kids were sooooooo sick over Thanksgiving. Anthony and Annie ended up having croup. Annie had a stomach virus and a fever I couldn't keep away. Jaileigh and Jake had runny noses, fevers too. Mike even caught it.  Michael and I were the only ones that didn't get sick. 
This is where I spent quite a bit of my time, in the bathroom taking care of poor Annie. {Just for clarification, I am not sitting on the toilet, I am sitting on a stool helping Annie.}
My little sick girl.
Michael playing with Grandpa.
My babies still all want to sit by mom.
Me and my mommy!
I can't believe I didn't get one picture of Rori!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kookaburra Is Back

Our Elf on the shelf, Kookaburra, is back!

Annie wanted to know HOW exactly Kookaburra was eating his doughnut. Also, how did he bring that big box of doughnuts. She is very inquisitive! The other kids were just happy to get doughnuts.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Annie Hiding

One day while the other kids were at preschool, Annie and I went shopping. She was being such a stinker and kept running away. She ran away and I could not see her. I knew she was close because I had heard her. I finally found her. She had crawled between pieces of furniture and burrowed in. I let her stay there while I finished looking in that aisle. She was so funny!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

First Santa Visit Of 2012

I took the kids to Rancho Cucamonga to visit Santa. Anthony also had a doctor appointment with Dr. Ambrose. After the appointment we met Megha at Victoria Gardens. The kids played and then talked to Santa. Sorry, no Santa pictures, I chose NOT to pay the ridiculous amount for the little tiny photo.

Anthony and Jaileigh wearing their antlers that Santa gave them {the sun was in their eyes}.
In front of the tree,
Michael, Jaileigh, Annie, Anthony and Jakob
Megha and I and the kids.
After seeing Santa we went to Megha's house for lunch and fun.
Michael eating his quesadilla and reading books.
Watching TV on Megha's bed.
On the way home Anthony fell asleep before we even got on the freeway. The rest followed right after.
We had so much fun! Thank you for playing with us Megha!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Big Burrito

There is a gas station near us that us a little Mexican restaurant inside. The burritoes are huge! We buy two and all 7 of us get fed!

Annie and her big burrito.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Our Daddy Is Our Favorite Pal . . .

My kids have the neatest daddy. He is so much fun and they just love him. We just celebrated his birthday on November 19. After he worked, we went 4-wheeling. For his birthday cake the kids and I made a Pecan Pie, his favorite.

I am not home in the mornings so Mike gets to be Mr. Mom until I get home. This morning as I was sneaking out the door, at 4:00 a.m.,  I heard Annie and Jaileigh screaming together for mommy. I stood at the bottom of the stairs  listening to the screams for a minute and debating if I should text Dede and tell her I wouldn't make it this morning or if I should just quietly sneak out. I chose to meet Dede because I knew Mike would be fine. When I got home from the gym Jaileigh was asleep and Annie was happy as could be. I love that he is so supportive of me getting out of the house and rejuvenating and recharging myself.

So without further ado I am going to turn the time over to my children and their I love you's!

We love our daddy because

- He takes care of us in the morning.
- He cooks us breakfasts.
- He lets us take long showers.
- He lets us eat A LOT of bacon!
- He lets us eat chocolate chips for breakfast.
- He likes to wrestle just as much as we do.
- He makes us practice our "Italian"
- He makes us call spaghetti sauce "gravy" and we can't eat it out of a jar, it has to be homemade.
- Even though he is Mr Baseball Athletic Dude he hasn't pushed the kids into sports at all.
- He doesn't swear, or very rarely {Annie repeating a few of his choice words ended that habit}.
- He always goes along with our mommies hair brained schemes.
- He makes up silly songs at bedtime.
- Every night he lays down with us and sleeps with us until we are all sleeping.
- He rubs Vicks on our backs, chests and feet when we are sick {mommy won't do it because it burns her eyes}.
- He shares his bed with us when we are too scared to sleep in our own.
- He likes to watch "Good Luck Charlie", "Jake and the Pirates", and "Curious George" with us.
- He takes us on tractor rides.
- He takes us on RV trips even though he really wants to drive the RV off a cliff.
- When he is naughty he lets us give him vinegar for being bad.
- He has given up on watching the Bears, the Cubs, the Bulls or the Blackhawkes because there is always something else going on, and he rarely complains even though he wants to.
- He loves pets and always tries to get mommy to get one for us!
- He always gets home from work and helps cook dinner or clean up the house.
- He never says a word when he comes home to a tornado house or no dinner ready.
- He loves to cook and is always trying out new recipes.
- He is always thinking of fun things for us to do.
- He loves us and all of our craziness!

We love you daddy!

  Lighting the candles on the pie.

Each of the kids picked out a present for him and then we wrapped them up. They were so excited! Michael picked out a bear that grows in water, Jaileigh picked superman socks and a new dress shirt/tie for work, Jake picked a Dr Seuss shirt, Annie picked a bag of Air Heads and some new work out clothes and Anthony had the hardest time. We had to go to a second store for his present. He picked out a Nerf gun with a bear shooting target.

Eating a little snack in the back of the trailer.

Happy Birthday Daddy!