Sunday, September 30, 2012

Chasing Ducks

We went to visit the ducks near the park by our house one morning. We didn't have any food for them but the kids sure enjoyed chasing them, after they got over their fear.

Anthony and Annie
Jaileigh and Annie
The whole group
Michael, Jake, Anthony, Jaileigh and Annie
Annie was relentless.

The poor goose was glad when we left.
Jake decided to organize my spice cupboard. It was cute until I needed something and couldn't find it. He also unscrewed a few lids so that when I grabbed the cumin it spilled all over the counter.
Jake and Anthony go to speech twice a week. The other 3 get to hang out with me while we wait.
Jake and Anthony with their teacher.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Daddy Went On A Trip

Daddy got to go on vacation. His work made him go on a trip. While he was away Karen came to stay with us. The kids were so excited to see her.

Michael's big cheesy grin!
On the second night Karen came we planned a surprise birthday party for her. Her birthday was in August but we missed it. The kids hid under the table so they could surprise her when she walked in the door after work.
Annie peaking out.

I think the kids opened all her presents before she even sat down.

I took the kids to Target and let each of them pick her a present from the dollar section. It was cute to see what they each picked. They all picked something that they liked!
Jake checking out his present.
The birthday brownie cake.
Blowing out the candles!
Karen, thank you so much for staying with us! We love you!

Picnic Dinner

Having a little picnic dinner in the nudey tudey.

Michael wasn't done swimming yet.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Preschoolers

Here is our official 4 year old preschool photo. I even got them in birth order.
Anthony, Michael, Jaileigh and Jakob

My baby girl with her daddy.

A Sunday Visit

Mikes cousin (2nd cousin or 3 times removed, I can't remember) came to visit us on Sunday. She and her husband were down from Oregon. Marlene brought the kids all presents. They were so excited.
While the girls played with the kids the boys sat outside and socialized. It was not a cool day either, it was about 99 degrees out there.
Marlene helping build a lego car.

Marlene's friend Rosie playing with the girls.
The whole group.

It was so fun to see Marlene again. She really reminds me of Mike's mom. Mike said she reminds him of his Aunt Mary. Either way it was very nice to have a family visit.
Thanks for visiting!

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Normal Day At Our House

Usually when I blog you just see the happy stuff. I used to be better at posting the bad stuff. A normal day consists of many, many meltdowns, tantrums, messes, clothing changes, streakings, escapes, owies, screams, shouts and much more.

4:20 a.m. I get up and head to the gym, most of the time there are 3-5 children in the bed with Mike and I. When the number is closer to 5 littles in bed, Mike can be found on the couch or in Jaileigh's bed.

7:00 I get home. Mike has usually gotten the kids dressed and started to feed them breakfast. I take over trying to get them ready for speech or preschool. I have to make sure they get protein for breakfasts or we will have many more breakdowns during the day.

While I am trying to get the kids ready the toy room gets trashed, the toilet paper gets unrolled into the toilet, a box of toddler wipes will get emptied, Annie decides to wash her hands and floods the bathroom, or she finds a pen and writes on the walls, blinds, couch, and whatever else she can find, Jaileigh gets in my make up, someone gets in the fridge and spills milk, Jake decides he wants to do a puzzle and empties the puzzle on the floor demanding me to help him, the five decide to climb on the piano and play it with their feet, or they decide the couch is a gymnastics floor. I could go on and on and on!

One day Jake opened the garage doors, drove his little car out and started playing in the street. While he was doing this Anthony was busy upstairs in my closet. I got Jake inside again where he smelled trouble and ran to it (Anthony). I made my way upstairs and Jake came running to tattle on Anthony. Jake was holding 5 or 6 empty contact cases. He was so excited to let me know that Anthony had emptied them. I walked as calmly as I could into my room. I immediately smelled something funny. The closer I got to my closet the stronger the smell, SMOKE! I couldn't see fire anywhere. I also couldn't see Anthony anywhere. Jake found him in the bathroom. He was standing in there looking guilty as could be. The smart kid had flushed the burned matches. The ones that weren't burned were shoved in his pockets.

He had dumped the dirty clothes out of the hamper, turned the hamper over on top of a suticase and the dirty clothes pile so that he could reach the top drawer of my dresser. In there he had found the contact boxes (2 of them). He went to the corner of the closet and emptied every single contact in there. He then found the matches and somehow figured out how to light them. Lit one, burned the carpet, must have panicked and flushed it down the toilet.

Meanwhile, Michael emptied every book off the book shelf because he and Annie were playing school. Jaileigh had emptied all the clothes out of her dresser looking for her white skirt and was in meltdown mode.

8:00 a.m. I get the kids re-dressed because they all somehow become naked again, hair combed, food in their hands and start loading the car while trying to make sure faces and hands are clean and shoes are on feet. I'm still in my gym clothes, sweaty and stinky, hair crazy but we are going to be on time!

8:30-9:00 Speech for Jake and Anthony, sometimes Michael.

9:00-11:30 Preschool. Annie and I get some free time! Lately we have been spending at the old house cleaning, repainting, and sweating.

11:30 pick-up kids

12:00 Lunch- I have to explain that I am not a short order cook. Sometimes I just give in and become a short order cook.

1:00 Naps, I try to get all of them down at the same time but every once in awhile one of them gets off schedule. It's usually Annie because she falls asleep earlier.

3:00-5:00 I play referee until Mike comes home to help, get dinner ready, try and straighten up the morning mess, all the while trying to keep the kids out of trouble.

Between 8 and 9 we put the kids to bed.

These kids are so energetic! I just thought that I would share some of the craziness. Blogging you can choose what you share with the world. I try to post all the roses and princesses and happiness. Life is hard with kids. Our house is the same as everyone elses, wild and crazy and far from perfect. There isn't a day that goes by that I wish it were different. Every crazy day I thank my Heavenly Father for my active, healthy, and energetic little miracle babies. My life would be so lonely and boring without them.

Michael's ENT Visit

On Thursday Michael had an appointment with the ENT, Dr Jiang. I was thinking that it was just a routine consultation but she ended up scoping him. I had all the kids because my babysitter (Mike) actually had to work. His appointment was right at lunchtime so I was a little nervous about the kids being hungry. I tried to feed them before we left but no one was hungry yet. While she scoped him one of the nurses took the other four kids into another room and put a movie in for them. I was amazed that they all went with her. I was praying madly that they would be good.

Our pediatrician told me that they would have to anesthetize him to scope him so I wasn't prepared to have it done in the office. Dr. Jiang explained that they usually don't do it on kids his age but when I explained how he didn't have to be held down when he got stitches in his eye, she agreed to try it. I really didn't want him to go through being anesthetized especially after the bad experience with Anthony. With this scope they use a soft scope and go through his nose. If he was under they would have used a hard scope and gone through his throat. I was so grateful that he was good and we were able to get it done in one day.

The outcome is that he DOES have vocal nodules. She explained that they rarely do surgery anymore. She used Julie Andrews as an example saying that she had the best surgeons in the country and still was not happy with her results. The surgery causes scarring which builds up and can cause the nodules to come back or the voice to change. She recommended speech therapy but said eventually they will go away as he grows and his vocal cords grow and stretch. Hooray!

Michael feels fine and doesn't feel sick. He just has a hoarse voice every once in awhile. He recovered very quickly after the scope, as soon as he was let out of the room in fact.

I took this picture after his nap that day. He told me he wanted waffles.

So we made waffles, then he wanted ice cream  and chocolate chips. We made yummy waffle sandwiches.
My waffle boy.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Yard Sale Find

I have been searching for a guitar for the kids since their birthday. I just couldn't decide on one. I finally found one! $4 at the neighbors yard sale. The kids love it. We have to set the timer for turns.

I was lucky to catch two of them playing.

Michael my lefty player.

Anthony, my little righty.
They are so excited to have a guitar like Grandpas!

My Buddy

Now that the quads are going to preschool two days a week, Annie and I have become buddies. She is so lost without her siblings and follows me around like a lost puppy demanding all of my attention.

Love this girl!

Our Home

I have many mixed feelings about sharing our home so publicly but the positives are outweighing the negatives. Especially after a visit from one of Mike's cousins, Marlene. She was madly taking pictures so that she could share with Mike's family who will never be able to visit and asked me to excuse her she wasn't being nosy. She teared up and explained how much it meant to their family that I kept the blog up and how much all the pictures and explanations meant to them. I started thinking about all the people that follow the blog that I don't even know about and what a blessing blogging has been to our family. We have family members on both sides of our family that haven't ever met our children and many that won't ever meet them but through the blog we can still be close. It is really hard for me to be so public because I know there are many strangers that read the blog too. I try not to think of that and just think of my family and friends, hopefully the other families of multiples that may be reading, and anyone else who may need to be inspired.

Anyway, here is our new home that we hope to live in for a LONG time! When we were searching I wanted a home that we wouldn't outgrow. We can stay here until our kids are out of the nest if we need. I am so done with moving.

Our neighbors house is for sale if anyone wants to be our neighbors!
As you walk in the house there is a formal dining room on the right and a living room on the left.
"Grandma's" room- Our downstairs guest bathroom and bath.

Family room connected to the kitchen.
Upstairs we have the loft, decorated in Mike's Cubs paraphernalia.
Master bedroom
Toyroom minus the alphabet wall. I still haven't got that back up.
The Princess Room- Jaileigh and Annie's room.
Jaileigh's request when we moved was a pink princess room. We even let her pick out the paint color.

The boys baseball room.
Even though we have enough rooms everyone could have their own room, they all still want to share.

Our backyard view. We have a park behind our house.
Our side yard.

Hope you enjoyed!