Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Birthday My 4 Little Miracles

This year the kids birthday fell on Sunday, July 29.  We woke up and ate pancakes and got ready for our 9 am church. Before we left to church, I put Dutch Oven Potatoes in the oven for lunch. All of the kids LOVE dutch oven potatoes.

The kids playing Hungry Hippos before church.

Eating lunch after church.

They came home from church and put on their new swimsuits from Bill and Gina. Jake was too busy eating potatoes to look up for a picture.

Jaileigh and Anthony

For dinner we had corn and steak, another favorite meal.
Antony and Michael eating corn.

Anthony, Jake, Annie (she's licking the butter off)

Michael and Jaileigh

I was just going to do cupcakes for their birthday but Michael threw the biggest fit. He didn't want cupcakes he wanted CAKE!

Making a cake pancake.

My blue eyed baby.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The PARTY pictures!

Finally, here are the rest of the pictures from the party. The kids had so much fun and already are asking when their next party is. We celebrated their real birthday on Sunday, July 29, and they wanted to know when their friends were coming over again.

The only group picture I got all day and I'm missing two! If you are on facebook you've seen this one already, sorry! These are my brown eyed babies! Now I need to take one of my blue-eyed babies.
Annie, Jaileigh and Anthony

Our quad friends from San Deigo came up to celebrate with us.
This is Hannah and Sandra

and Makaila and Samantha.

Our friends Luke, Audrey, Tessa and their daddy, Kevin came too.

Our triplet +1 friends came. Here is Andrew with his daddy, Anthony.

Annie and Anthony watching our neighbor Baby Zander swim.

Our neighbor friend, Maleiya and Michael

Anthony was filling his bucket with water and trying to get people wet.

Princess Jaileigh

My sweet baby girl, Annie. She had such a hard time. For the first 3 hours I had to carry her. She was so shy and had such a hard time. Then all of a sudden she was fine. It just took her awhile to warm up.

Lots of friends!
l-r: Bill, Tanyon, Rylee, Madison, Kari and Karen

Our neighbors, TJ and Dede, Tiffany and Ramon. Anthony looking for someone to dump his bucket on.

Here he goes again.


Kari, Mommy and Annie, Blair

Taking a little break and eating pizza.
Jaileigh and Jakob

Michael and Peyton going down headfirst.

Anthony Joseph

Ted and his baby, Ryan.

With his lovely wife, Shannon.

Friends in the pool.


Annie and Anthony eating peanuts.

The boys club.
Kevin, Daddy/Mike, Tanyon and Bill.

Quad momma sisters!
Stephanie, Amber and Teri

Blair, Madison and Jakob

Was this a contest?

Jaileigh Bailey with 3 of our other quad friends and Anthony.

The boys in the pool with Haley. {Shocker} They LOVE girls!


Jakob being goofy.

Jakob and Anthony- I love Anthony's tanline.

Jake doing his birthday dance.


This kid did NOT stop all day. I couldn't get him to eat anything. He got hurt twice and just kept going and going and going! The little energizer bunny!

This was one of the times when he got hurt. Ouch!


Our other quad friends- Carter, Presley, Kennedy and McKenzie.

I love it!
Hannah and Makaila with their tutu's!

Michael and Jakob


My baby girl- Annie.

Girl power!

Haley, Michael and Jaileigh

I am shocked the SHARK is still alive today! These kids had so much fun and were so crazy.

Sandra and Presley (right?)

Princess Jaileigh again.

Jaileigh and Michael with Maleiya.

Jakob and Annie in the sand.

Annie FINALLY happy.

Annie and Jakob.

Teri texted this picture to me after the party. Her four princess all dressed up.

My beautiful princess Jaileigh with her tutu.

My sweet friend Karen stayed and watched the kids while Mike and I cleaned up. We are so thankful to have her! I don't know what we would have done without her. Thank you!

Reading stories to the munchkins.

Thanks to Stephanie for some of these pictures!